Field Services

Start-Up & Field Service

Our field service and installation engineers maintain a comprehensive understanding of the entire system.

System integration using numerous complex subsystems found in modern water and wastewater treatment applications requires highly skilled and adept engineers. Our knowledge does not begin, nor does it end, at the computer system or control panel.

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

Our field experience goes far beyond just starting up new projects and allows us the capability to service existing installations. We use our knowledge of control system design to troubleshoot any problems that arise in a SCADA system to help get it back up and running at full capacity. We can also provide maintenance contracts allowing a customer to budget their service and calibrations. This also allows SFI to spot potential issues and address them before they cause a major problem.

Field Services - Maintenance and Support

Documentation & Training

Southern Flow, Inc. understands that the job is not finished until the documentation is complete and the customer’s personnel are adequately trained in the use of the new control system and instruments.

We strive to well-document the start-up process, including comprehensive I/O check-offs and calibration sheets. These and any additional necessary documents are included in professionally printed and well-organized O&M Manuals.

Each O&M Manual is created for the specific project, so it is compiled with specific, performance-based documentation and manuals to adequately support the control system.

We attempt to produce HMI/SCADA applications that present complex systems in a simple and easy to use format to reduce training requirements for plant personnel.

SFI provides customized on-site training programs to include a combination of the following to meet the needs of the client.

  • System design and operation overview
  • Normal operating procedures
  • System alarms
  • Maintenance procedures or suggested practices
  • Trouble-shooting techniques
  • Software training
  • Field instrument training

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