Southern Flow, Inc. specializes in system integration, High Performance SCADA Graphics, control panel fabrication, and field services.

Systems Integration

Our expertise encompasses a variety of water/wastewater plant automation and control systems, as well as radio and telemetry SCADA systems and variable speed drive systems. We have an assortment of customized solutions using many different industry-accepted languages and software packages to offer our clients.

We are committed to design user-friendly, cohesive, and comprehensive control systems to meet the client’s needs.

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System Integration

High Performance SCADA Graphics

Southern Flow utilizes the latest in High Performance Graphic design to provide customers with useful control and monitoring screens to operate their plant. We can generate any system – from a simple, textbased OIT, to a fully redundant, custom 3D-generated HMI system. We create systems to represent realtime and historical data that actively engages personnel through visual cues. These graphics make the processes easy to manage by giving the capability for reports, level adjustments, reviewing abnormalities and alarms, viewing equipment, and so much more.

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High Performance SCADA Graphics

Fully Equipped Panel Fabrication Workshop

Southern Flow has a fully equipped panel fabrication workshop. From duplex pump controls, to radiobased terminal units, to large-scale main control panels, our team of technicians can provide quality, certified control panels.

We test all panels in-house prior to shipment and, upon installation, they are tested thoroughly to ensure they operate properly.

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Control Fabrication Workshop

Field Services

Our field services and installation engineers are armed with complete understanding of the entire system.

System integration can use numerous complex subsystems often found in a modern water or wastewater treatment plant, which requires highly skilled and adept engineers. Additionally, we offer service and maintenance of existing installations. We are capable of troubleshooting any SCADA problem to get plants up and running at full capacity.

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Field Services

At Southern Flow, we strive to make sure every project is well-documented, well-communicated, and effectively implemented. From submittals to O&M manuals to calibration documentation, we are committed to making sure all information is organized and readily available, making these complex systems easier to understand.

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