High Performance SCADA Graphics

Southern Flow utilizes the latest in High Performance Graphic design to provide customers with useful control and monitoring screens to operate their plant. We can generate any system – from a simple, textbased OIT, to a fully redundant, custom 3D-generated HMI system.

High Performance Graphics

At Southern Flow, we utilize High Performance Graphics to represent real-time and historical data in a way that actively engages plant personnel. Our graphic displays increase the visual cues seen by operators onsite, making awareness of the entire system easier to grasp and therefore easier to manage.

We use 3D rendering software to generate life-like graphic representations of plant processes and areas.

These graphics give customers the interactive capabilities to view control process equipment, review trend data, check equipment status, and adjust automatic process setpoints from the screen.

The screens are designed to present all vital information - not just raw data – needed by the operator to maintain the system and keep it running efficiently. We provide our customers with easily generated and reliable reports to aid operators and personnel in meeting EPA as well as state and local monitoring requirements.

Easily Identify Abnormalities & Alarms

Abnormal situations are easier to identify before giving the chance for a problem to come to fruition.

These abnormalities and alarms are easily seen on the screens to make it obvious when there is an issue in the process.

This software allows us to integrate vendor process screens and controls into the SCADA software platform, making it accessible from one system. Because we aim to provide a simple, effective, and userfriendly interface for our customers, the necessary training time is reduced.

Southern Flow, Inc. is capable of working with any HMI platform on the market to provide the best solution for the customer.

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